July 19, 2004

hear it in the stairwell: Guster- Goldfly

This is my farewell address to the world of online journaling….at least for the next three weeks.  In about 12 hours Mattlevi

And I

will embark on our 18 day tour of Europe.  Most of our time will be send in Ireland where Matt’s parents are currently working as church planters.  Matt and I are helping to lead a kids camp where we can hopefully have tons of fun with the kids while we share God’s love with them.  I, personally, want to do anything I can to serve Matt’s parents who have been missionaries for a couple of decades!  Our trip will also take us through New York City by way of a crazy old friend of ours in Fairfield, Connecticut.   Then we will have a full day in London, a couple of days in Belgium and we won’t leave Europe without hitting Holland, Amsterdam and ….what?…maybe even Paris?? 

Please remember to pray for us over the next few weeks!  We have a lot of traveling to do and want to stay focused on God’s plan for this trip!  Leave me some messages to know you’re all praying!


A semi-itinerary so you know how to pray:

7.19 On the road driving 12 hours to Connecticut

7.20 Sightseeing NY and catching an evening flight to London

7.21 Arrive in London early and sightsee most of the day.  Fly to Ireland in the evening.

7.22-7.30 in Killarney, Ireland with the Murphy’s.  Kids camp 7.26-7.29 10am-2pm

7.30-8.2 Fly to Belguim and travel around Brussels and neighboring cities.

8.2-8.5 We’ll start in Holland and end in Amsterdam…who knows what in between!

8.5 We’ll fly back from Amsterdam to New York

8.6 Drive from Connecticut to Dayton!   



summer sick

July 13, 2004

hear it in the stairwell:Radiohead-Hail to the Theif

I was curled up on our overstuffed couch in a fleece sweatshirt, chilled by a recent fever, the candles on our coffeetabletrunk were lit and it hardly resembled a humid july evening as I caught bits and pieces of conversations passing around me. Philosophy. Careers. Sports. Driving directions. I pulled my shirtsleeves over my hands and sunk farther into the warm couch.

Sharon had asked me, “If God were the only one to love you, would that be enough for you?”