July 30, 2009

Our first concert at Red Rocks.  50 degrees and rainy in Colorado.  In July.  

The show and venue were still amazing.


Also Baby’s First Concert.


July 20, 2009

“What we call ‘being in love’ is a glorious state, and , in several ways, good for us.  It helps make us generous and courageous, it opens our eyes not only to the beauty of the beloved but to all beauty.”-CS Lewis

July 18, 2009


July 12, 2009

Quick photo update:

We ripped up the carpet on the 1st floor:

To lay bamboo floors!

With the help of Hallie:

And Josh’s HARD WORK!

Which calls for a nap or two:

Josh and Rich made shelves for our garage:

And then utilized them for much more appropriate purposes:

Early-morning walks to the coffee shop:


Afternoons with friends and home-made crepes!


Week 22 Belly EXPLOSION:

July 6, 2009

21 Week Ultrasound: Boy or Girl??


There was a cute little face:

Long legs:

Boy parts!!!