October 31, 2007

Selah’s first trick-or-treat


October 29, 2007

stairwell accompaniment:Eddie Vedder

This week I turned all of 25. Josh bought me flowers and took me to see this movie that I highly recommend.
I am older.
Aging to imperfection.

October 22, 2007

Weekend trip down to “the property” in Red River Gorge, KY with Ham, Carli, Hamilton and Isabella.
(reference archive December 13, 2006)

October 18, 2007

stairwell accompaniment:Dave Matthews/Tim Reynolds
daily life

October 14, 2007

stairwell accompaniment:Glen Hansard

Much to say but not this time. This weekend was the beloved yearly fall street festival! We were able to enjoy the late beginning of autumn here in Ohio. For our residential last time.

I was also graciously given the opportunity for creative outlet (reminiscent of the Autumn-Art-Days savored in days past with Schmanda!) and the expansion of my new adventures in photography portfolio building. My sister kindly humored me by suiting up in her wedding dress (5 years after her nuptuals, what a sport!) allowing me to practice capturing bridal-gown moments. In the end I was pleased with some new ideas and decent pictures. Here are just a few of the many…compete portfolio still pending.