June 30, 2009

Things that make me smile today:

Flowers from Josh.

Strawberry/blueberry salad.

A clean house.

Hallie loving to have her belly rubbed.

Hot sunny weather.

Mutton Bustin’.  Such a funny concept.

Dark chocolate reese’s peanut butter cups.

New paint in livingroom.

What I did not love today:

The realization that many of my favorite summer clothes no longer fit.


June 28, 2009

A little update:

Life hasn’t afforded me the time to write near as much as I would like during this season.  Here or elsewhere.  It has been a strange few months of newness, continually settling in (we’ve resigned: settling is not a destination, it is a process), building this family and coming back to what exactly it is that inspires us.  From choosing which photos to hang on our walls to taking summer bike-rides through tall grass and wild flowers.  Sometimes we miss it all or take it for granted.  We are learning.

So in an effort to pursue connected-ness:

-We are officially home-owners.  We purchased our first home here in sunny Colorado and are daily grateful for the ability to see the mountains out our windows.  We are painting, laying hardwood floors and building our living-space from those aforementioned inspirations.

– This early has summer has been a surprising mix of sun and magnificent thunderstorms.  After our first year in Colorado, our only complaint was the lack of good, hearty rain.  God has not failed to impress this season.  We’ve has mornings perfect for walking the dog and taking bike rides–full of sunshine and clear blue skies.  And afternoons with slow-approaching rain clouds that bring the type of showers and thunder that explain why porches were invented.

-We’re preparing to host a variety of visitors over the next two months.  We’ve perfected our list of must-see locations and favorite eating spots to share.  Josh’s parents this week, Sandi and family in July and my sister  (and maybe family) in August.  We’re hoping they all enjoy naps, evening walks and dessert as much as we do.

-Our baby is growing strong and those small-but-growing-larger movements I feel each day are a constant reminder of our lives changing.  Life changing us. Only one more week before we can definitively say boy or girl.

-Today was a perfect day of small joys and big graces.  Fresh-picked wildflowers in a vase from Josh.  Breakfast together.  80 degrees and absolutely, completely sunny. A bike ride to the lake.  Swimming.  Napping.  Packages from Russia!  Rubbing Hallie’s belly.  Every window open.  Good music.  Blueberry pie.  So much to look forward to.

So much to be thankful for.

June 26, 2009

Ultrasound for fun around 16 weeks.