May 14, 2009

This week Josh and I took a short day trip down to Colorado Springs to visit with some friends.   The Chupp family is temporarily in the Springs for work/vacation.  The last time we saw Stephen and Anisa was when they lived in California and they graciously allowed us to sleep and shower at their house after we had camped, hiked and climbed in Joshua Tree/Sequoia National Parks for 4 days (we smelled.  bad.).  That was back in 2005, before we were married and just before they announced that they were expecting their first baby.   We finally were able to meet their beautiful daughter Avery.  The Chupps currently live a short 6 hour drive away in Albuquerque, NM so hopefully we won’t go another 4 years without seeing them!

(Avery, Amber, Josh and Anisa.  We did get to see Stephen during lunch but he didn’t make it for the photo back at their hotel!)

We were also able to see our friend Mauricio (We lovingly nicknamed him “Mo”).  We worked with Mo last summer when we were in Costa Rica working with Operation Mobilization.  He is from Costa Rica and worked as a translator for us while we did our medical clinics.  This January Mo came to Colorado Springs to work with another missions organization for a 6 month internship.  It was great to hear what is happening in his life!  He’s a talented guy with a big heart.  He’s doing everything possible to become a missionary pilot.  

(Josh and Mauricio in Costa Rica, June 2008)

(Mo translating for Amber in Costa Rica, June 2008)

(Josh, Amber and Mo in Colorado Springs)

It was amazing to have an aimless afternoon away to roam.  To enjoy the blue sky and get sunburnt.  


I’ve parted ways with the first trimester of pregnancy.  Gladly.  Bon Voyage.  Sayonara.  I’m feeling much better although I’m still SO tired.  I didn’t realize how strong the desire for sleep can be.  I feel like I crave it.   Luckily the spring weather has arrived to lure me off the couch and out of the bed.  There’s still no belly to speak of.  Well, at least until the past couple of days when it looks more like I’ve eaten Chipotle for 3 meals in a row.  It’s debatably a belly.  Josh is disappointed that we can’t yet take advantage of “expectant mother” parking.  Although I’m sure he’s considered the possibility of carrying around a positive pregnancy test.  Maybe hanging it from our rear view mirror.


May 5, 2009

Earth’s crammed with Heaven,

and every common bush afire with God;

but only he who sees takes off his shoes.

-Elizabeth Barrett Browning