November 25, 2009

Recovering and settling in.  Thankful for this cutie.


November 21, 2009

As a nurse I know that due dates are absurdly rough estimates.  Although that doesn’t make it any less psychologically easy to watch the days pass beyond that golden day.  We spent that last week of our pregnancy passing the time with family and friends:

Donating my over-due belly to a cast being made to display on my hospital unit.

Hosting my parents, sister and youngest niece, Aliyah:

(We had such great help cleaning and finishing home projects in preparation for baby!)

Making birthday cake for baby in hopes of coaxing him out and into the world:

Watching the belly continue to grow:

Thursday, 5 days after our “due date” labor finally began.  It was a long, difficult road until our all-natural delivery on Friday, November 20, 2009 at 8:23am.  My sister was an amazing help throughout every minute and I could not have delivered such a large baby without medication without her constant support.  (Josh was a trooper, too!)

We are so blessed to announce the arrival of our son:

August Heath Johnson

8lbs 10oz

21 inches

Thanks Aunt Amy!



November 9, 2009

I’ve entered into that uncomfortable-yet-comedic phase of pregnancy when the waiting has begun.  I’ve realized that there is a fine line in one’s pregnancy past which no one seems to want to lend their trust.

Like riding in an elevator alone with another person who eyes you suspiciously, obviously wondering about waters breaking and contractions starting and babies being delivered in the confines of said elevator.

Or my laboring patient this week who, when the out-going nurse cheerfully  introduced me exclaiming, “This is Amber, she’ll be your nurse tonight for your delivery!”,  looked my round-bellied body up and down and, despite being entrenched in labor, gave a hard laugh.  “Can you?!” she asked, half-serious–as if this were a joke–a labor nurse whose due date is after hers.  (Luckily I pulled my weight–literally and figuratively–and held her hand as she delivered a beautiful baby boy.  Afterwards she bought me a milkshake and told me my day would be here soon.)

This week our friends Mark and Sarah graciously agreed to spend our fun Friday night together at the swimming pool due to my current  need for weightlessness.  As if a 10 month pregnant women is not hilarious enough in a two piece swimsuit, my (lovely) henna is still adorning my (very) large belly.  So Sarah walks and I waddle from the dressing room to the pool with all-eyes-on-the-belly.  Children pointed, mothers gawked.  Josh laughed.  The weightlessness was worth it.

This week we’re slowing down to the reality that this is it.  It’s a quiet time of preparation and longing.  Walking and praying.  Resting and trusting.