November 9, 2009

I’ve entered into that uncomfortable-yet-comedic phase of pregnancy when the waiting has begun.  I’ve realized that there is a fine line in one’s pregnancy past which no one seems to want to lend their trust.

Like riding in an elevator alone with another person who eyes you suspiciously, obviously wondering about waters breaking and contractions starting and babies being delivered in the confines of said elevator.

Or my laboring patient this week who, when the out-going nurse cheerfully  introduced me exclaiming, “This is Amber, she’ll be your nurse tonight for your delivery!”,  looked my round-bellied body up and down and, despite being entrenched in labor, gave a hard laugh.  “Can you?!” she asked, half-serious–as if this were a joke–a labor nurse whose due date is after hers.  (Luckily I pulled my weight–literally and figuratively–and held her hand as she delivered a beautiful baby boy.  Afterwards she bought me a milkshake and told me my day would be here soon.)

This week our friends Mark and Sarah graciously agreed to spend our fun Friday night together at the swimming pool due to my current  need for weightlessness.  As if a 10 month pregnant women is not hilarious enough in a two piece swimsuit, my (lovely) henna is still adorning my (very) large belly.  So Sarah walks and I waddle from the dressing room to the pool with all-eyes-on-the-belly.  Children pointed, mothers gawked.  Josh laughed.  The weightlessness was worth it.

This week we’re slowing down to the reality that this is it.  It’s a quiet time of preparation and longing.  Walking and praying.  Resting and trusting.


5 Responses to “”

  1. schmanda said

    it seriously amazes me that that belly is actually attached to YOU! it looks like it is its own entity entirely. which, in a way, i suppose it is… =)

    i love you!!!

  2. Papa said

    Anxiously awaiting the arrival of my grandbaby boy! It’s good to laugh a lot in the home stretch. Look forward to seeing the Johnson family this Thursday. Love you guys! Papa Barger

  3. Amanda Norton said

    You look lovely. It does feel like you are moving in slow motion at the end. Every movement is such effort. Enjoy these quiet moments with your husband, because things are about to get interesting! Love the henna belly! I need to get me some of that in about 2 months. I’m praying for you.

  4. cearly said

    Wow! Seems like is went so fast…he is almost here! Just think, in a very short amount of time you will be holding your precious baby boy. Smelling his fussy skin and realizing that it was all worth it!

  5. bruster said

    woohoo! =) i’m praying for you guys.

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