August 29, 2012

Looking for me?

I’ve moved!


April 4, 2012


can you tell which baby is where?

March 20, 2012

the most scientific birth

February 29, 2012

Elie is napping upstairs while August and I play quietly.   He rummages through his lego box, pulls out the perfect piece and while holding it above his lips, exclaims “Moo-stah-shay!!”

Because this is the type of parents we are.  We’ve taught him that mustache is pronounced “Moo-stah-shay” because what could be funnier?  Maybe how we’ve taught him that Oscar the Grouch should be pronounced “Osc-eh Le  Groushee”.  Anything resembling a bean is, of course, a “beanie-weanie”.  Do I need to go on in explaining why parenting a 2 year old is amazing?

If you’ll note, he’s wearing his sticker from the chiropractor.  He wanted a “fwamingo” sticker because he was “such big boy” while the doctor “fit tik” (fixed it).

Yesterday he learned his first joke.  “Trains don’t eat eat, but they do CHOO!”  It took him a while to get the comedic value. I would lead him by saying “Trains don’t eat…” and, trying so hard to get it, he proudly exclaimed “but they on the track!” So true!  Finally it has morphed into “Trains don’t eat but they CHOO CHOO CHOO!”


February 9, 2012


Amber & August 2/10                               Amber & August 2/12

How? When? Did. this. happen. Hold me.