Day1–Dayton, Ohio, USA

Week 1 (Day7)–Dayton, OH, USA

Week 2 (day 14)–Denver, CO, USA

Week 3 (Day 22)–Olympic National Park, WA, USA

Week 4 (Day 30)–Great Falls, Montana, USA

Week 5 (Day 35)–Longmont, CO, USA

Week 6 (Day 42)–Machu Pichu, Peru

Week 7 (Day 49)–Cuzco, Peru

Week 8 (Day 58 )–Cuzco, Peru

Week 9 (Day 62)–Monteverde, Cosa Rica

Week 10 (Day 75)–San Jose, Costa Rica

Week 11 (Day 79)–Westminster, CO, USA


6 Responses to “hair-gress”

  1. […] hair-gress […]

  2. Sandi said

    Jesus. What is it with ex military and their need to grow infinite amounts of facial hair? Fight the trend and shave already, boy! You’ve got to be giving her rug burn from all that scrub! Oh well, we miss you both even if you are looking a little ratty!

  3. bruster said

    epic!! =)

  4. EJ said

    Lost link between monkey and man

  5. bruster said

    hahaha, i like week 10 — the loco mountain man. =)

  6. christine said

    Eewwooo–Week 9 is sex offender scary!

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