May 31, 2008

It has been a tumultuous week full of held breaths, heavy sighs and shrieks of joy. Sometimes all at once.

I was offered and accepted a job working as a labor and delivery RN. Truly a gracious gift.

Josh and I decided upon an apartment not far from the hospital and we are able to move in right when we return from Costa Rica. It offers much relief to have a place. A place we can call our own. (Although we are extending the welcome to call it yours, too.) It is on the edge of the mountains.

Friday we reorganized our packing and put even more of our belongings into our storage space. We are now traveling the lightest thus far.

We left Jeremy and Joanna’s home in Denver (they were expecting even more company. they are saints.) and were offered to stay our last two nights at the home of some friends of a friend in Longmont, CO. Having never met them , we showed up on their doorstep needy. They have let us sleep in their basement which is unfinished and has no electricity. It is as nice or nicer than many of the hostels we have stayed in (we had hot water!). Last night we read by candlelight and the dark, quiet night was lovely, simple relief from the business of the past week.

If you haven’t checked in on Josh’s lack-of-grooming progression, rest assured, it’s getting interesting.  This week he had his school ID card made.  With bed-head.

Today we laundered our remaining dirty clothes and purchased some last-minute necessities. The sun was warm, the sky blue and the mountains clear.

Josh drove to Fort Collins to visit with Rich and left me here at a coffee shop in Longmont. I’m making final arrangements for our “free time” in Costa Rica. And enjoying the alone-ness.

We are reading a book called Pagan Christianity and it is frustrating, challenging and something we need right now. If you’ve read it, are reading it or plan to read it, we’d love your thoughts.

Tomorrow we fly to Peru and, I suspect, will not feel comfortable or complacent for the next 6 weeks. I covet your prayers. I am tired, worn down, restlessly longing for stability when there is little on the horizon. Adventure lived is drastically different that adventure planned. Although I know for certain that the former is more beneficial and transforming. Not always in the way I expect or desire.

Last night I shuffled through Ragamuffin Prayers. I found it on one of the dusty bookshelves in the basement. I ran across this:

“Faithfulness requires the courage to risk everything on Jesus, the willingness to keep growing, and the readiness to risk failure throughout our lives.”-BM


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  1. jo said

    Did you get the official offer? wonderful!
    And you decided on the apartment in Broomfield? That’s not SO far away, so I suppose its acceptable.

    We ordered Pagan Christianity on Amazon last night. We are excited to join in on the *all of the above emotions.*

    You will be in our prayers.

    (I will try not to repost my comment 2,3,4 times this time.)

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