November 15, 2003

So the air force is trying out these “new and improved” uniforms. In size and shape they are seemingly identical to the tried and true ones. There is one blatant difference: the new ones look like the computer threw up green, brown and black on them. No, it’s not camoflauge. It’s technoflauge. It’s made of tiny squares of the three camo colors. Now there are a few OBVIOUS reasons this will help our soldiers in the battle field…first and foremost it will simply confuse our enemies. If these air force guys would run real fast by a few pine trees, it would look strangely similar to the crappy special effects used in Preditor. God Bless America, Into the Great Blue, Air Force is #1.

The air froce graduate student at the computer next to mine just looked over at me. For a brief moment all I could see was his head floating midair. It’s the technoflauge.


November 14, 2003

Current Music: Guster-Rocketship

If I haven’t published it in my blog thus far, I need to take a break here and mention that Jon Black is THE #1 friend. There are various reasons I have come to this conclusion. One of the many would include holding the title “friend whore” and loving it. Plus he’s helping me set up both the comments and picture-posting portions of onthestairs. These additions will be made soon, be excited.

Update on Amber’s life:

I sit for the State Testing for nurses aides in a little over a week-if you see me tell me to STUDY and don’t talk to me until I do.

Upon passing the state testing I will begin my job search in my 3 week time slot I have to find a position-3rd shift

I completed my dual registration this week at Kettering and Sinclair. With a grand total of 18 credit hours I will officially begin a nursing program!

My search for new living quarters has begun. I’m putting the word out and Mark is also looking for a house that I could possibly rent with several other girls. Girls, if you are looking to move or need a roommate, contact me.

Levi’s gender confusion will be put to an end Dec. 1st. She will officially become and IT and I will no longer live with the guilt my male dog gender bias. Levi just hit 35 lbs!!

I’m climbing more often now and I’m not getting ANY better. Darn those pull ups. I will conquer!! At least Bryan has patience with my handicap.

I’ve been praying a lot about feeling called to the mission field. Gah, I know, me?? I want to finish my nursing program and be able to enter missions with a very practical way to help the people I am ministering to. Pray that I am open.

This woman…

(who would be mortified if she knew I was posting this picture on the internet) is my mentor, Christine. I have known her for the past nine years…she was my youth leader’s wife when I was in 7th grade-random. If you ever see her on the street and she is NOT wearing her catwoman getup (if she is she does not want to be recognized) tell her how amazing she is and ask for her autograph. But seriously, Christine has been the glue that has held my crazy life-social, emotional or otherwise-together. She is so patient and honest with me! Praise God for Christine!

Leadership Summit begins tonight…details to come.

Amber’s weekend advice: Listen to some Vroom and take a few fun pictures.


November 8, 2003

2am I arrive home to two perturbing situations:

one-ALL of the hall lights up to my apartment are out. I enter the pitch black hallway and do the customary slowly shuffle foreward until you feel a step and lift leg. I reach the first landing and assume the pepper spray position aiming at the deserted, creepy unlocked apartment under mine. I inch my way across the landing and when the coast is clear I sprint up the rest of the stairs, fumble to find the right key, slam the door behind me and fall back against the door panting. I still have to take the dog out.

two-while recovering from my asthmatic state I notice that I can see my breath. I forgot to turn the heat on. I spend my glorious four hours of sleep cuddling with my space heater, four inches from my face…toasty.

Wake up. work 8am.

these steps

November 8, 2003