November 8, 2003

2am I arrive home to two perturbing situations:

one-ALL of the hall lights up to my apartment are out. I enter the pitch black hallway and do the customary slowly shuffle foreward until you feel a step and lift leg. I reach the first landing and assume the pepper spray position aiming at the deserted, creepy unlocked apartment under mine. I inch my way across the landing and when the coast is clear I sprint up the rest of the stairs, fumble to find the right key, slam the door behind me and fall back against the door panting. I still have to take the dog out.

two-while recovering from my asthmatic state I notice that I can see my breath. I forgot to turn the heat on. I spend my glorious four hours of sleep cuddling with my space heater, four inches from my face…toasty.

Wake up. work 8am.


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