November 15, 2003

So the air force is trying out these “new and improved” uniforms. In size and shape they are seemingly identical to the tried and true ones. There is one blatant difference: the new ones look like the computer threw up green, brown and black on them. No, it’s not camoflauge. It’s technoflauge. It’s made of tiny squares of the three camo colors. Now there are a few OBVIOUS reasons this will help our soldiers in the battle field…first and foremost it will simply confuse our enemies. If these air force guys would run real fast by a few pine trees, it would look strangely similar to the crappy special effects used in Preditor. God Bless America, Into the Great Blue, Air Force is #1.

The air froce graduate student at the computer next to mine just looked over at me. For a brief moment all I could see was his head floating midair. It’s the technoflauge.


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