December 27, 2006

stairwell accompaniment:Patti Griffin
and Christmas


December 22, 2006

stairwell accompaniment:patty griffin

things i enjoy today:
reading Schaeffer
full day of massage appointments
endangered species dark chocolate squares
the weepies
this american life with Ira Glass
text messages
rainy december
down blankets
green tea
missing schmanda
world map
soup and grilled cheese
personalized Christmas cards
moches boches our cat

December 18, 2006

stairwell accompaniment:The Weepies

friends visiting

house church

December 15, 2006

stairwell accompaniment:the weepies

recently with selah

December 14, 2006

Yesterday I delivered Carli’s baby. Unexpectedly and delightfully.
I was called in as a replacement doula and accepted the job joyfully. Ham(dad) and I ended up delivering baby Isabella all by ourselves.

Rest assured, this is a G rated picture of me massaging Carli’s belly during labor.

Carli and healthy baby.