August 27, 2008

Taking Mom, Dad and Andrew climbing at Eldorado State Park.  


And then Josh showing us all up…




August 26, 2008

Our absence has coincided with the visit from my parents and brother, Josh’s first days of grad school here in Colorado as well as the Democratic National Convention now taking place in Denver.  

We are busy.  Hosting family, delivering babies, reading books, riding the bus, picnics, etc, so forth.

But if you are a fan of our flickr site, you’ll know that we cannot resist the compulsion to keep photos up to date.  Enjoy just a few of the details.  We look forward to returning to yours.  Soon.

Mom, Dad and Andrew’s first trip to Colorado!

This picture for Chris…and in honor of the DNC.


Trips around town.


Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs.


The summit of Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs, CO. 


A chance encounter with Dave Matthews at Red Rocks Amphitheater.  

Josh’s first day of grad school at UC Boulder.


Hiking the Flat Irons Vista trail at sunset.


General and usual insanity.


August 14, 2008

Sunset at Standley Lake with Jeremy and Joanna.

August 10, 2008

I hope you will not be disappointed in my delinquent postings and general lack of detail.  Today will be much of the same.  Rest assured in the knowledge that we are happy, healthy and frolicking as usual.

I do have a few minor things to share with you but will have to save the more interesting thoughts and commentary for another time.  Or place.  Or otherwise.

I’ve resumed running.  Just two weeks ago I drove to Red Rocks and ran for the first time this summer without trying to catch a bus, taxi, train or plane.  I found it relaxing and although Patty Griffin does not usually prove to be a likely running soundtrack, she was perfect for the occasion.  I’ve somehow convinced Josh to run a 5K with me this Saturday here in Westminster.  Shh.  He may have been confused about what, exactly, he has committed to.  We’ll not clarify until Saturday.

The Democratic National Convention is taking place here in Denver in two weeks.  The week my family is flying out to visit Colorado for the first time.  It is unfortunate that the airports will be crowded and extra-vigilant during that time.  The hospitals, also, are over-staffing the floors with nurses during that week.  And although I see that need for preparedness on Emergency and Med-Surg floors, I’m not sure how many pregnant women will find it necessary to travel to Denver for the convention.  If I am wrong, we will be prepared.

This weekend Josh and spent further exploring our local sites and wonders.  Friday we drove about 20 minutes northwest to Eldorado State Park.  With steep cliffs and abundant rock face, the park is a haven for rock climbers.  Although we didn’t have our equipment with us this trip, I’m sure we’ll be back to explore.

Saturday we packed our bikes with lunch and books and rode a few miles to Standley Lake.  It is nearly an oasis in land-locked Colorado with blue-green waters, beachy shores and amazing mountain views.

Friday we were able to catch the Olympic opening ceremonies at the house of a friend of a friend but, in general, we get our coverage from the radio.

We’re still mainly reading and I’m dismayed that the season of summer reading has nearly come to an end.  The travel this year afforded me much time for reading.  Luckily.

Some of my favorite from the season:

The Kite Runner (Hosseini)

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (Shaffer and Barrows)

A Hundred Years of Solitude(Marquez)

True Spirituality (Schaeffer)

Pagan Christianity (Viola and Barna)

Reaching for the Invisible God (Yancy)

The God Gene (Hamer)

What was on your summer reading list?

August 3, 2008

Rocky Mountain National Park