April 28, 2009

It is true.

This fall will be an exciting one.  In our household, autumn is always reason to celebrate.  Blue skies, warm drinks, crunching leaves.   In addition to these small joys, this fall, we will have a baby.

We confirmed it today with our 12 week ultrasound.  The first trimester of pregnancy is such a strange mixture of excitement, exhaustion, nausea and general malaise.  Our doctor laughed today when, on first sight of our moving black-and-white abstractly shaped baby, I exclaimed, “Oh good, it IS a baby!”   It’s just that in these first few months you have so little to go on.  And now we’ve heard the heartbeat.  Our sweet, sweet doctor printed a dozen pictures for us and we were lucky enough to witness our baby’s first little dance.  He did a flip and then wiggled and looked so remarkably like Josh when he does his awkward dancing that we laughed.  

If you can’t tell, I’m excited for this first trimester to be done.  Although Josh has been very sweet.  I think it may have more to do with the fact that he’s enjoying my cravings.  He willingly participates.  



April 8, 2009

Our newest niece:

Aliyah Beth

8lbs 15oz