December 21, 2011

Elie’s Birth–Part 4

Amy and Josh, having both attended to me during my labor and delivery with August, were a seamless doula team. (I’m a firm believer that no unmedicated woman should deliver without a doula!)  They offered timely suggestions and used relaxation and encouragement techniques that worked unbelievably well.  Amy offered comfort and support to both Josh and me.  Josh used his “counting backward” technique he is so proud of and it worked as well this time as it did last.  They were where I needed them when I needed them and I barely needed to communicate with them at all.  It was a surprisingly quiet and smooth labor.  We listened to my Hypno-birthing CD, walked the halls a little, used the birthing ball at the bedside, leaned forward on the bed and swayed during contractions, and (is this getting old yet?) labored on hands and knees.  I truly believe that all of the leaning forward to let my belly hang and resting in hands and knees allowed Elie to rotate into the perfect position.

The Rebozo Sifting was probably the most surprisingly helpful tool we had.   Unlike my labor with August during which each contraction would begin and slowly build in intensity before releasing, these contractions were like a freight train.  They came on with such an extreme intensity, peaking immediately rocking the core of my body before releasing.  It was much more challenging this time to not fight the contractions when it felt like they hit with such an unbelievable force.


By 5am I was beginning to lose my composure, I felt unable to “ride the wave” of each contraction without fighting back and my body began to shake uncontrollably.  I knew this must be transition.  I asked to be checked again because I knew that I needed some measure by which to pace myself and if I wasn’t near to delivery I was going to die.  (And now after my two deliveries I know that the feeling of imminent death means delivery will happen soon!)  I got in the bed and nurse checked and, shocked, told me I was 9cm dilated and my bag of water was bulging.


(Although I’m sure Amy didn’t intend to use these photo “special effects” in the last picture, I do think they are strangely representative of how things feel right before you deliver a baby!)

(to be continued)


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