December 14, 2011

Elie’s Birth–Part 3

(12 hours before Elie was born)

I had recently read about a labor technique called Rebozo Sifting and was curious to try it out.  Josh and Amy took my Maya wrap (baby sling) apart and used it to wrap around my belly while holding both ends of it behind me.  Between contractions while I leaned forward or resting on hands and knees, they would pull on the ends of the wrap and gently rock or “sift” my belly.  This took much of the weight of my belly off and helped me to fully relax between contractions.

By midnight I felt that in order to avoid fulfilling my dream of delivering my baby on the way to the hospital, we needed to leave soon.  We called our friend Paula to come stay with August.  (Sweet Paula showed up at our door with a smile on her face in the middle of the night!)  Dreading the 20 minute car ride to the hospital, we armed ourselves with hot packs and a birthing ball in the backseat.  Overall the ride wasn’t awful as I was able to rock back-and-forth and breathe through my contractions knowing it would be just a few I needed to get through this way.

At the hospital the nurse spent a few minutes monitoring my baby and checked me.   It was almost 2am and she seemed disappointed to inform me that I was still just 2-3cm dilated.  In fact, she encouraged me to consider going back home for a few hours.  (Which I DO usually consider to be a great suggestion for women in early labor!).  Luckily I was undeterred by this report and knew without doubt that this was labor and I would have a baby soon.  Looking back, I feel like my body was waiting until I arrived at the hospital (and felt safe under the care of my midwife and comfortable knowing August was in good hands) to fully give in to labor and allow things to progress.

(to be continued)


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