December 11, 2011

Elie’s Birth–Part 2

Just like my pregnancy with August, my sister flew to Colorado to be with me during labor and delivery.  The timing of this was both crucial and impossible.  But we offered our best guess and Amy arrived just a few days before my due date, relying upon my “fast and on time” inclination.  Once she arrived, we quickly gave in to every wives tale available in an attempt to encourage labor.  We took long walks, ate fresh pineapple, made final preparations for welcoming a newborn, painted toenails, ingested evening primrose oil and followed the advice of this informative website on optimal fetal positioning.  We made our final arrangements for August’s care when I went into labor and packed bags.

During these days I experienced the normal aches, pains and contractions of late pregnancy.  I knew my body was slowly doing what it needed in order to prepare to labor.  I spent a good amount of time in hands-and-knees position because I felt that Eliana was laying in a slightly OP position and knew that this could both delay the start of labor and make labor and delivery more challenging.

The day before my due date, I visited one of my midwives to be checked and have my membranes swept.  The midwife offered encouragement, told me I was already 2cm dilated with a thin cervix and a LOW baby.  She promised that if I could get my baby to change positions just slightly that I would labor soon and progress quickly.  We left the office encouraged and energized!  The day before I delivered August, we happened to eat lunch at Qdoba so for good luck, we picked up dinner at Qdoba and picnicked at Chautauqua Park.  Amy, Josh, August and I enjoyed the sunshine, warm air and mountain views.  Amy took a couple of pictures of Josh, August and I to document my 40 week belly.

Before we left the park I began to feel some cramping and mild-but-regular contractions.  We went home to put August to bed and enjoy what I felt would be the last moments with our first and only child.  After August was asleep my contractions were much more intense and getting closer together.  I spent time on my hands and knees and once I was convinced that this was truly labor, I told Josh and Amy that we needed to clean the house!  They were both unbelievably sweet and didn’t hesitate to clean anything they could while taking breaks to stand with me or put pressure on my lower back during contractions.  I spent these couple of hours walking in the living room and kitchen, resting in hands and knees position and squatting.  Josh and I took a walk around the neighborhood (just like my labor with August!).  It was such a relaxing and sweet time to be together before welcoming another baby.

(to be continued)


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