December 8, 2011

Elie’s Birth–Part 1

There are so many ways to begin a birth story.  Does it start with the adrenaline-drenched pink-positive pregnancy test?  Can we just skip over the nausea, exhaustion and hormones?  Are there words to describe the first tiny movements of a baby from within?

I’m convinced that nothing prepares a woman for laboring and giving birth like the discomforts and inconveniences of the third trimester of pregnancy.  Insanity says “please let labor start this week, today, this second so that I can birth my baby”.  The last weeks of pregnancy bring this type of insanity.  I believe that labor and birth are natural, normal, inspiring and incredibly beautiful.  And any mother that has birthed a baby naturally would likely agree that it is also completely insane.

My pregnancy with Eliana was ideal.  Until, in my last month of pregnancy, I began to have vivid dreams of birthing her in the car–and if not the car, on the side of the road.   I’ve never feared birthing in unusual places or at unusual times.  (Again, birth is normal.)  During my pregnancy with August, I’d given Josh a crash-course in how-to-deliver-your-own-offspring.  I’ve delivered enough babies to know that the vast majority of babies know how to do this birthing thing on their own.  For these reasons, the out-of-hospital delivery dreams didn’t scare me.  They did, however, make me wonder about premonition.

All throughout my pregnancy I had felt that I would deliver early or, at the very least, on time.  I labored for over 12 hours and delivered August 6 days past his “due date” and knew the psychological risks of attachment to a certain date or a disbelief in the possibility of waiting longer than I wished.  Still, I felt sure that this second delivery would be fast and on time.

(to be continued)


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