November 21, 2011

The hours I’ve spent sitting and nursing my newborn the past 2 months have provided extra time to browse The Pinterest.  Luckily the demands of my 2 year old keep the addictive draw at bay.  My mindless browsing has actually produced some crafty and fun projects for our home:

(an abridged list of Pinterest-inspired projects we’ve  completed:kitchen table makeover, burlap covered diaper boxes as toy bins, yard covered letters, cork board into chalk board, painting for Elie, chalkboard paint labels for mason jars, masking tape matchbox car roads on the floor, oil drip pan magnet board, baby girl headbands out of women’s tights, BANGS!)

Our latest DIY project was a cute wooden ruler-inspired growth chart for the nursery.  August is (so) tall and has consistently been above the 90% for height.  We thought his 2nd birthday would be the perfect time to start keeping track of his growth. (Elie will be added soon enough!)


Luckily my sweet husband doesn’t mind the ever-evolving project list:)  I think this turned out perfectly!  Josh and I both added our heights to the chart for comparison and already I’m in denial that my babies will ever be bigger than me!

(AJ 11/20/11–2 years)


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