November 12, 2011

Elie is an expert traveller.  Just as her brother was at her age and every age he’s been since.  Is it fair to say that my children are the best?  She’s also an expert sleeper but she gets that honest.

Grad school orientation came and went but the feeling that I’m on the edge of the biggest challenge of my life looms large.  I want my babies to see that life is much too short and precious to become complacent.  Or to forego grand opportunities to become part of something much larger.  The life we truly desire often calls for hard work.  I’m never quite sure I have what it takes until I’ve taken the first step. And then the second.  I want my kids to see me taking those hard steps.

It felt so comforting to spend long days with other women equally passionate about empowering women, saving lives, educating the under-served, creating healthy families, and reducing maternal and infant mortality.  (The WHO acknowledges the connection between maternal death rates and the gap between rich and poor.)  I am the proud owner of an ID badge featuring my face and the title of Student Nurse Midwife.

I arrived back in Denver and felt as if August had grown so much in the 5 days I was away.  Grandma taught him to say “See you later Alligator, After while Crocodile”.  His version sounds much more like “See you way-ter ah-wi-gatwr. After caw-caw-caw-cawk-eh-diwelll”.  I die.  They also spent time learning useful words like “bat mobile” and “Christmas tree”.  I hate to be away from him.

I’ll end by sharing a few places I’ve found interesting lately:

Patty Griffin, The Swell Season, David Gray

This video gives me chills

My kind of CNN Hero

On my mind

Listening to this


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