November 7, 2011

I’d love to put memories to words sooner than later and recount for you my labor and delivery with Eliana.  It was so exactly alike and totally opposite of my experience with August’s birth.

Just hours after we welcomed Elie into our lives, in the post-delivery high/fog, I found myself in a cozy little hospital room with my newborn snugged in my arms and my husband sleeping next to me (I suppose the post-delivery high isn’t quite the same for fathers).  Unable to sleep, I opened my laptop and discovered one of the most exciting emails of my life.

I had been accepted to Frontier Nursing University‘s Nurse-Midwifery Program! This week Elie and I are in Kentucky as I begin graduate school orientation.  Grad school + nursing infant + precocious toddler= ??  Let the coming 2-3 years tell their tale.  Lord willing, I’m going to be a midwife!


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  1. Sue Seagraves said

    And you will make a very good one. We love you Amber.

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