coming around

November 3, 2011

I’ve put off returning to this space in order to ignore my “failed” 365 photo attempt that I ambitiously jumped into on January 1st. But I’m coming around and have recently considered it impressive that I made it to June 8th. (And the photo-snapping, forever and always, happens each day regardless of my motivation to upload and post them daily. It is a part of me.)
I’m not sure I can honestly give weight to the argument that life became too overwhelmingly busy. We enjoyed a slow-paced summer of daily walks, visits to the swimming pool and (ritualistic) naps. (oh, the napping!) Second pregnancies have a way of slowing life to a lazy afternoon pace. I savored every last minute of the slowness and attempted to press pause at every conceivable moment. Each day with August as our one-and-only seemed sacred and we honored it as such.
And this beautiful autumn has afforded us the time and space to adjust to life as a family of four. (Finding that “my kids” rolls off my tongue like I am a seasoned mother-of-many. I no longer have a child, I have children.) My daughter is beautiful and sweet. I am immeasurably blessed by such a good baby that brings endless joy to our lives. She has filled in the empty spaces that we didn’t realize existed.
I’m ready to come around. There is so much beauty to be shared. So many funny moments with a toddler. So many inspiring photos of nature. So much gratitude to discover in the daily.
I hope you’ll have me.


2 Responses to “coming around”

  1. We have certainly missed your blogs! Bring ’em on!!

  2. JLCS said

    Ditto from Boston! We’ve missed your writing and are so thrilled for the new addition.

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