June 14, 2010

**abundance of links to follow**

I thought I’d take a few minutes on this summer -rainy Colorado afternoon while August naps to share some of my favorite Internet places where I find inspiration, encouragement, creativity, and other random interesting things.

While we don’t have a tv and spend very little time watching programs on the Internet, I do spend a fair amount of my free time on the computer.  Here’s what holds my attention lately:

Mom-Websites (eek, even typing that makes me feel nerdy! juice boxes and Raffi anyone?  don’t let that label deter you from discovering these fun women):

Marvelous Kiddo keeps me updated and inspired on earthy, breastfeeding, natural childbirth, oragnic mothering.  peace,hope and love for all.  i love her birth stories and videos.

Design Mom offers fantastic tips on creative, stylish parenting.  and she lives here in Denver!

Simple Mom is a great resource for all things mother with a simple-lifestyle theme.

Mothering is a wealth of knowledge from conception to college.  i love their natural parenting news and current events.

Fashion/Home Improvements/Style Websites (broad heading, i know)

Young House Love offers amazing DIY ideas and tutorials.  easy, inexpensive and incredibly inspiring.  they are so cute!

Stephmodo is also a mom-writer but i kept her in this category for her fashion, food and design inspiration.

The Sartorialist i love exploring fashion and culture through his worldwide travels and photography.  the vintage photos are especially fun.

Etsy is always fun to browse for hand made gifts.

Books/Music/Entertainment Websites

NPR’s What We’re Reading weekly updates on the latest literature recommendations.

Hulu for when we feel like veg-ing in front of our non-existent tv.

Live from Bonnaroo where NPR is streaming all of the live performances from last week!

I hope you enjoy some of these sites as much as I do.  This past weekend we enjoyed a lazy, cold-and-rainy few days here in Colorado.  We spent Friday night in the kitchen:

Making granola bars

Making baby food

Making honey-whole wheat bread


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  1. Kristi said

    Love the links! Mmm..I can almost smell that bread.
    My little sister, Katie, is in Colorado for her honeymoon this week =o) They are staying at the Pikes Peak Resort…and visiting things like Garden of the Gods. Can’t believe she is a wife!!!

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