May 24, 2010

Our weekend.  And A Day in Our Lives.

Thursday marked August’s first 6 months of life.  We celebrated with a trip to the doctor for a checkup and vaccines.  (Because we are the partying type, obviously.)

That evening August and I had the opportunity to meet and hear the legendary Ina May Gaskin give a lecture.

Josh was absent from the festivities because he was half way up Long’s Peak preparing the summit on Saturday morning.

Unfortunately Saturday brought extremely high winds.  (Around 30 mph here at 5,000ft.  More dramatic, of course, closer to 14,000ft).  The winds prevented their summit just a mile from the peak but Josh returned home understandably exhausted.

So, Sunday:

0700 August’s cries heard on baby monitor.  August brought to our bed for morning feeding and an honest attempt to get him to go back to sleep.

No luck.

0730 Let Hallie outside

0740 Diaper change and play time for the boys.

0800 Breakfast (scrambled eggs with blueberry, flax and cottage cheese oatmeal)

0900 August’s morning nap

0915 Start working on new kitchen tiles!

0930 Take care of BOTH jury duty summons I received this week.  One in Colorado, the other in Ohio.

0945 Shower

1030 Continue helping Josh with kitchen tiles

1100 Experiment with new Roomba

1115 Roomba causes Hallie distress

1145 Video chat with the parents

1200 August wakes up happy!

0100 Baby shower for co-worker

0300 Make food for house church while August naps.  Finish kitchen tiles.  Wish for nap.

0430 House church

0800 Accept generous offer to stay after house church ends to watch LOST finale (no tv at home!).

1040 Return home with sleeping baby and exhausted husband.

1100 Lay in bed discussing LOST finale.

1130. Sleep.


2 Responses to “”

  1. Amy said

    I am really glad I didn’t watch it….think it would’ve caused some distress!

  2. schmanda said

    yay! i’ve been dying to hear about your day! and what the heck is a roomba?

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