May 10, 2010

I haven’t gotten to our photo diary of our day…yet.  However:

Last summer when we purchased our first home, we began a series of remodeling projects that included ripping up carpet, laying bamboo floors, painting, new light fixtures, etc.  The initial remodel didn’t include our kitchen which remains white, plain and lacking.  I’m not sure I have it in me to paint the walls.  Or the cabinets (although I think it would look fantastic with white cabinets!).  I’ve browsed through some gorgeous wall paper and we’ve both commented on how a colorful tiled backsplash would really make an impression.  Our biggest and most expensive kitchen change will be the granite countertops we’ve been saving for.  So, combined with my general lack of desire to dig into a big/colorful/creative project and the finances going into our new countertops, we’ve opted for less dramatic but hopefully equally appealing upgrades such as….

A set of these super cute, inexpensive and easy tile tattoos.

And eclectic, colorful new hardware for the cabinets like these knobs by anthropologie.  (Luckily we found these exact pieces of hardware in a home-town store for half the price!)

A spicy new kitchen just in time for summer entertaining!

And finally, the husband and the baby took me to see this fantastic new documentary for Mother’s Day:



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  1. We’re ready to come see your new kitchen! Sounds awesome!

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