May 1, 2010

Welcome to May.  I’m literally blushing in embarrassment at the lag in writing and updating.  At the same time I’m proud of myself for taking the time we needed to simply live in our moments and give my full attention to growing over the past few months.

I’m ready to come back.  To sharing, reading, writing, stumbling through stories.  There’s much catching up to do, although I’m not sure I’ll take much time to focus on where we’ve been.  (the boring days, the travels, exciting adventures, the learning, the sweet baby moments of grace, etc., so forth.)

I have some ideas about where I would like to (re)start:

-5 years of living t.v. free (how and why)

-Mastering the art of naptime (we’re still growing)

-Exclusive breast feeding (accomplishments and struggles)

-Hosting communal dinners (how and why)

-Finding God as a new mother (accomplishments and struggles)

-Marriage with an infant (accomplishments and struggles)

-Cloth diapering (how and why)

I’m interested in your ideas about where my writing should take Me. Us.  You.  For anyone still out there reading.  Anyone *echo*echo*echo*. Thoughts?

I cannot bring myself to end a post without some photos.  Enjoy.


5 Responses to “”

  1. schmanda said

    miss you. glad you’re still there. i’m still here. =)

  2. jessica said

    Yay! You’re back! (Yes, you caught me – still internet stalking). Love this list. We Eastern seaboarders always love to hear more about life in Colorado.

  3. Amy said

    You guys sure have faced many life changes over these months…I love your ideas, bring it on!! We are still with you…

  4. Ditto Amy! We love any & every thing you share with us:) Photo are always good! We love you & miss your post. Look forward to what’s to come!!

  5. schmanda said

    i’ve got an additional suggestion: how about a typical week in the life of Amber, Josh, and August via writing and photos?

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