January 19, 2010

We’ve lived here in Colorado for nearly two years.  Despite the inconveniences that come with living far from both sides of our family, we are so grateful to live in a place that brings continual reminders of the beauty in God’s creation.  This week we were reminiscing about our first trip to Colorado together in the Spring of 2007.  There was a very specific moment during that trip when we were driving from Denver to Boulder on highway 36.  The entire drive is impressive to those of us who grew up east of the Mississippi but there is a portion just west of Louisville where the road crests a hill to give this expansive and impressive view of white capped 14,000 ft. mountains, the foothills and flat irons and the valley where Boulder sits.  Immediately, our reaction to the view was full of awe and emotion.  Our deep hearts of adventure were awake.  There was such a desire to worship.  We knew that Colorado was where God was meeting us, inviting us.  That God knew exactly how to speak to our hearts.

So often the feeling of nearness to God by physical proximity is beyond words.

We are so grateful to bring August into such a beautiful part of the world.  Our prayers of full of the desire for him to appreciate God’s beauty through nature in the same ways we do.  And for that to lead to worship.


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