January 1, 2010

A quick recap of a blessed year:

Last year we celebrated New Years somewhere in middle America on a delayed flight between Georgia and Colorado.

January–Ventures to mountain ski towns, snowy hikes.  Josh continues to experiment with hair growth. Laughing.

Fabruary–Josh turns 29 (aka a state of denial), grad school rolls on, concerts, end-of-winter hibernation. Reading.

March–The return of Spring, climbing, de-thawing.  The news of a baby.  Growing.

April–A trip to the midwest to welcome a new niece!, nausea, an ultrasound, more grad school.  Changing.

May–Weekend trips, enjoying nature, preparing for our family, looking for home.  Renewing.

June–Buying our first house, moving, adventuring into summer, the beginning of a belly. Refreshing.

July–Visitors!, a BOY, friends, family, rest and relaxation.   Communing.

August–More visitors!, decorating the nursery, baby-moon vacation, grad school resumes. Savoring.

September–First hints of autumn, a trip back home, berry-picking, swimming, slowing down and settling in.  Calming.

October– Amber turns 27, walking the dog, working on the house, visiting with friends, making final preparations.  Playing.

November–Waiting, arriving, learning, loving.  Amazing.

December–Adjusting to our new family, less sleep and more smiles!  4 years of marriage.  Praising!

This year we celebrated New Years…asleep:)


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  1. We are so proud of the Johnson Family! You are Blessed!!

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