October 28, 2009

Spending the day hibernating during the October snow: french toast, cleaning the house, laundry, posting on blog twice.

On left: snow fall at 10am. On right: snow fall at 5pm.

For some perspective: Josh’s buried Mercedes

A clean house warrants finished-flooring photos:

Again, some perspective.  On top: house before.  On bottom: house after.

Finally suitable for bringing home baby.  Hopefully sooner than later.  Speaking of pregnancy, as I am now officially “term” (aka uncomfortable and ready to be finished), I’ll share with you a list of items that helped make the past 9.5 months grand:

These Prana pants.  Not maternity but roomy, stylish and comfortable enough to wear throughout my entire pregnancy.  Featured in nearly half of my baby-gress photos.

-Swimming.  Or just being in the swimming pool.

-Sonic cherry lemonaides

-Body pillow.  Nothing fancy.

-Belly lotions and butters.  Favorites are from Reviva and Burts Bees.


-Walking Hallie nearly daily.

Belly band.  This saved me a lot of money on maternity clothing.  I was able to continue wearing most of my pre-pregnancy shirts and pants with the help of this ingenious item.

-Weekly belly pictures!

-Books such as: The Expectant Father, Mayo Clinics Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy, The Birth Partner, etc.

-Taking a “babymoon” trip around 6-7 months.

-Getting help with the nursery.

-Regular massages!

-A sweet and thoughtful husband.


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