October 13, 2009

Josh and I had to have an important discussion about the importance of “nesting” to a woman whose gestation is nearing 9 months.  About how it can affect gestating women emotionally, physically, hormonally, etc. and so forth.  If you remember back to July 2009, shortly after we became home-owners, we ambitiously set about to replace the first-level flooring with bamboo-floors.  Josh did an amazing job pulling up the carpet and laying down the bamboo in our living room:

And then we had a string of fun summer house guests.  And then school started up for the semester.  Unfortunately his floor-laying momentum waned and we have been left with this:

Oak in the kitchen and bamboo in the living room separated by a particularly decorative line of underlying particle board.  Which, in my gestational opinion, is not suitable for bringing-baby-home.

Luckily Josh heard my nesting cries for help and our floors are being finished this week!  I’m looking forward to sharing the after pictures with you (and baby).


Today the Colorado-cold subsided and the sun returned.  Hallie and I wasted no time indoors.  A little insight:  Hallie has a fairly predictable spectrum of excitement.

Level 1: I’m getting a treat excitement

Level 2: I’m riding in the car excitement

Level 3: You’ve just arrived home excitement

Level 4: We’re playing hide-and-seek excitement

Level 5: We’re going to Standley Lake excitement

And, in general, Standley Lake excitement is difficult to top.  She loves to run as fast as she can, dig in the sand, be chased and collect as much sand as possible on her tongue.

Today, Hallie managed to surpass Level 5.  With the discovery of an old, sandy tennis ball on her beloved beach, all of her puppy hopes, dreams and ambitions collided into the most perfect moment of her young life.

I’m just glad I was there with her in that moment to experience the warm sun, cool air, beautiful mountains and the small joys of a funny dog.

Tonight, however, Hallie isn’t doing so well.  She’s limping around the house with a hurt paw and shaking like she has the chills.

Too much excitement for one dog in one day.  Swollen paw and all, she’s still willing to take a belly-rub when she can get one.

Signs that a safe recovery may be in the near future.


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