October 12, 2009

Josh has started interviewing for jobs.  He finishes grad school in December!  He likes to take baby-belly pictures in his suit post-interview.  Who wouldn’t want to hire this guy?

Autumn colors and weather have arrived.  We’re been outdoors enjoying it.

Josh walks while I waddle around the neighborhood.  Hallie is always glad to accompany.

I’m realizing what a challenge it will be to raise a boy with this man: (adventure is never far)

This autumn in Colorado has also brought rain and some snow.  I’ve enjoyed quiet afternoons by the fire, arranging baby things and preparing as best I can.

Week 35: Feeling large and uncomfortable.  Wondering what this baby looks like.


3 Responses to “”

  1. schmanda said

    uh…josh….um, oh my goodness.

  2. huster said

    i’m sooo jealous of that building — it looks great for buildering!

    And Amber, you look great… T-33 days, give or take? Woohoo, congrats! =)

  3. Lynnster said

    Aww Amber! I haven’t been on your blog in awhile and absolutely enjoyed reading it- i can’t wait to see your baby either 🙂

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