September 30, 2009

Annual autumn trip to the berry picking farm:

Beginning of the cloth diaper stockpile:

(So adorable!)

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies:

We’ve entered into the 8th month of pregnancy and although I’m still remarkably healthy, I’m finally realizing that I am pregnant.  Physically, that is.  My body feels crowded–much like riding in a crowded, hot subway car with elbows and little space to breathe.   I’m slower than ever before.  Simple things like rolling over in bed have become events.  Strangers feel oddly obligated to comment on my condition.  Possibly because my belly button is large and pointy and difficult to hide.  Today I went to a lovely yoga class at this charming local studio.  Even though I’m surrounded by pregnant women at work, I found comfort in being around the other round-bellied women.  Who found it equally awkward to negotiate body movement and balance.  To truly spend time with my pregnant-self and our still-incredibly-active baby.

Who now has a name.


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  1. schmanda said

    you’re still wearing tank tops!?! ARGH! yesterday i was wearing my scarf and fleece-lined jacket and was wishing i had brought the gloves. and rain boots. sad.

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