September 11, 2009

I made the executive decision to forego childbirthing classes. To Josh’s strong approval. As a labor and delivery nurse (and certified doula!) I’m not sure the long evenings spent learning the basics would be time well-spent. I worry a little about Josh and his level of preparation. Although he’s heard countless stories, can name most of the common labor medications, and, if put to the test, I believe he could safely deliver a baby. I’ve given him decision-by-decision play-by-plays of each and every delivery I’ve personally done (solo!) and, to both of our amusement, retold for him the often-embarassing deliveries performed by our clueless first year residents. So he’s heard it all.

The one where there was a twin we didn’t know about. The one where the umbilical cord came out before the baby. The one where the mom refused to wear clothes. The one where the dad passed out. The one where the mom had two uteruses. The one when the baby died.  Josh often begins his days by hearing animated stories of bizarre nights on the labor unit.

I’m not sure if any of this counts as childbirth preparation. I’m not sure there is such a thing as childbirth preparation. No labor I’ve attended has ever been like the countless I’ve attended previously. Which is scary. And so comforting. That our delivery will be ours no matter how prepared we may or may not be.

I have found a few books to be helpful in preparing Josh for the softer side of childbirth. We recommend Birthing From Within. Birth Day as well as The Birth Partner.

Josh will, however, be attending a baby care class. During which I will relish in delight as he plays with baby-dolls, trying to master The Diaper Change. Taking A Temperature. Burping. Things of this nature. These past 8 months gestating parenthood have left me with such anticipation of seeing Josh as a father.


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  1. Jessica said

    Ooh…a surprise twin has always been a joint hope/fear of mine. I’m sure it’s not quite as idyllic in fact as it is in my imagination.

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