March 16, 2009

This week our friend Rich and his dog Lucy drove from Kentucky to Colorado and arrived at our doorstep like this:


He said people stopped him along the way to gawk and take photos.  I’m sure I would have.  When I saw him in front of our apartment I gawked.  And laughed and only resisted the urge to take photos because it was dark.

The next morning he and Lucy moved into our second bedroom.  

Rich has been around a while.  He and Josh went to college together and worked at a boys wilderness camp together over the summers.  


I met Rich on my second date with Josh back in 2005.  Rich cooked for us.  And later that year Rich was in our wedding.  He helped produce memorable and romantic photos like this:

and this:

Since then Rich has traveled and moved around the country.  As have we.  Our paths crossed once again last spring in Colorado before Josh and I left to travel and wander the world for a few months.  


He helped us move everything into the storage space and introduced us to Colorado living.  Rich loves Colorado.  

And now, after a short-lived moved back east, he’s back west.  Something about the sunshine.  Elevation.  Mountains.  We understand completely.  

So this week, once again, we found ourselves moving things into a storage space with Rich.  We’ve cleaned out our second bedroom and he’s taken residence.  We’re glad for the company.  And Rich’s cooking.  Handy-man-ness.  Outgoing personality.  Love of the outdoors.  We’re all looking forward to the challenge, the growth and learning about living in community.

And his dog, Lucy, isn’t too bad either.  



3 Responses to “”

  1. Jen said

    I’m glad. Mars Hill just had a sermon about community/Unity with Rudy Carrasco. But I’m sure living it is better than hearing about it. Maybe he’ll instate cheesy potato breakfast mondays like we had in Mexico 🙂

  2. schmanda said

    welcome back. again. by the way, whats up with your face in that picture of the four of us and why the heck did i never notice that before?

  3. bruster said

    that’s a great photo of rich camp-cooking and lucy looking on… =)

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