December 2, 2008

Since Josh’s separation from the US Air Force back in April he’s been experimenting with his newfound freedom of hair growth.  Many of you remember his beard growth chart we documented throughout our summer travels.  A quick reminder can be found HERE.  I stopped the weekly photos after he trimmed it for the first time in 4 months although he has kept a beard of maneagable yet substantial length since.  

Air Force Josh:

Post-summer Josh:

Unfortunately, in addition to his beard experiment, he was conducting a test of will along the lines of how long can I go without cutting my hair before my wife refuses to associate with me.   Had I known this earlier, I might have continued a more organized photo journal of this progression as well.  And protested much earlier and much more forcefully.  Amusingly, the hair length bothers me more than the beard length (although, as seen above, the two can be cumulatively distracting).


And so ensued nearly an entire season of wearing a hat or bandana. He carried the hope of hiding.  Of distracting me from THE HAIR.


Nice try.

Which brings us to today.  The DAY OF VICTORY.  

Josh’s hair before:


The much-protested cut:

And the much-more-appealing after:


Your opinion?



In unrelated news, we experienced our first lasting snowfall this week.  Hallie’s first exposure to snow was back when she was a mere 9 weeks old.  We were hiking Grays Peak and at 14,000 feet she doesn’t remember much of anything.  Except feeling lightheaded and extremely cold.


So this week was much like Christmas for her.  

First she practiced her yoga poses:

Ate as much as her bladder would allow:

Ran around as fast as she could in pooping position:

Contorted her flabby face by shaking off the snow she couldn’t finish eating:

Attempted to fly:

5 months of easily excitable energy.


2 Responses to “”

  1. Sandi said

    Much better with a haircut… too much hair detracts from his sculped face and eyes. Imagine Bruce with an 80’s mustache. That is what I had to contend with although I have a no facial hair policy so he didn’t hold out too long 🙂 As for puppies in snow, this is my absolute favorite. I can’t wait to take Sarah Beasley out. Marley acted like up a puppy in the snow until her last day with us. No matter how old she got if you stuck her in the snow she was a year old again. Good memories. We miss you, reading the blog doesn’t cut it. Come home, see me, make me cook of whatever just carve some time out for us! Sending Love!

  2. chad o said

    i’ve held my tongue long enough. the whole haircut thing reminds me of white people taking indian boys of the rez and cutting their hair and making them speak english. the whole thing is just cruel…delilah.

    josh…i got your back.

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