November 26, 2008

We’ve received a lot of inquiries lately concerning Hallie’s genealogy, country of origin and political views.  Although she makes the latter very clear, the first two are a bit more nebulous.  


Her perky/floppy ears, square snout and desire to carry something in her mouth at all times lead us to believe that she has a strong Labrador Retriever influence.  


Her body build, excess of skin and wrinkles as well as her intensely loyal and affectionate nature make us believe she is part Shar Pei.


We’re not completely sure where she gets the light eye color.  Or her fear of Jeeps. 


Or her intense desire to have her belly rubbed as often as possible.


Although we have some indication that her infinity for sleeping and listening to The Decemberists is a bit more nurture than nature. 


She’s been an adventurer from the start.  We love that.  


On a steep and strenuous hike this weekend we became convinced she is part mountain goat.  Or spawn of Bear Grylls.  


And we can judge a hike well-done by averaging the amount of dirt caked around her puppy nose and the number of minutes it takes her to fall asleep in the back seat on the way home.


She answers to Hallie, Hals, Hallencakes, Puppycakes, or an other combination of Hallie and Cakes.

Any other questions?  Oh, and she accepts fan mail.  If written on barbeque flavored dog treats.



2 Responses to “”

  1. schmanda said

    oh come on…i know the truth…she’s not so high-brow. you know she’d tear into that fan mail even if it were only wrapped around a small piece of hot dog.

  2. JCS said

    I’m surprised by the shar pei, mostly because in my own research for the once and future pup that will enter our family in, oh, 7 million years, I ran across this picture, simultaneously falling in love and convinced in thinking you had bravely adopted a dog that was, at least, partly Great Dane:

    I’ll have to take your word for it. Shar Pei/Lab/Mystery Breed it is. 🙂

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