October 5, 2008

We’ve truly been enjoying the beginning of fall lately.  The colors here in Colorado are slightly different than in the midwest but the bright yellow aspen leaves bring the same spirit.   



We have been working on separating cultural Christianity from growing in the likeness of Jesus. And searching for our roles as believers in these times. 

I am desiring to travel and see but daily learning contentment in cultivating passion for small pleasures. (larger than i have earned. too numerous to be named.) Refining what it is to be “co-heirs in the grace of life” with my husband and leaning, living, growing more deeply in love with him. (daily. in the minutes.) Seeking the artistry of marriage that sharpens us into Jesus’ living form.

We’re striving not to become the people who turn their radios off.  And stop listening for the wind. 

Not forgetting about beauty and reading in the shade.


It makes me want to be quiet. And know I have a lot to learn.

I almost know that it is grace waiting to happen.
I almost am content to hold my breath until it does.

And this weekend my husband was lovely enough to watch this interesting documentary with me.


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