September 6, 2008

Today I am enjoying:

-sleeping in

-Saturday morning at a coffee shop

-Cat Power on itunes

-Irish Cream steamer

-A lunch packed for a picnic with Josh

-Making plans for Schmanda’s visit!  


-Fall temperatures!!

-the beginning of the -ber months!

-working on expanding our family…to include a puppy;)

-finishing good books

-“Experience: The most brutal of teachers.  But you learn, my God do you learn.”-Lewis


2 Responses to “”

  1. Sandi said

    Oh geeze…. I can’t believe how much I miss the mountains…. don’t tell Bruce! Looks like you guys had a nice time with the family, and a puppy in progress! Oh the stories to come. Ran into your sister today at the salon and received some very big news that will effect your spring travel. Umm don’t forget about finding a puppy sitter for october. Miss you, both!!!

  2. Amy said

    Oh my gosh, Amanda is coming stateside?? When?

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