July 30, 2008

I enjoy my drive home from work.  Not at all because I am anxious to be finished related to some type of dissatisfaction with my job.  Quite the opposite.

We live at the edge of the Rocky Mountains and I drive east, into the sunrise on my way to work and west, into the mountains on my drive home.

I learned many things this summer during our nomadic national and international travels.  Many of which, I trust, are yet to be uncovered.  But it is obvious to me that I learned the ability to adapt through our coming and going.

Arriving and departing.

Settling and moving on.

Once more.

I am more aware now of my ability to live virtually anywhere and find contentment.  A home is a home is a home with a small handfull of essential components.  Many of which cannot be pack into a suitcase (neatly).  I spent the summer letting go of the rest.  The things and feelings and comforts I believed to be important.  And proved not.

It has taken me a few weeks to settle here (although I know for sure that I will always combat that deep-seated, small-voiced need to go and see and move on) but, with my small list of learned-necessities, I’m beginning to enjoy and uncover the even smaller things that are making Colorado mine.  Ours. Home.

Like my drive home from work after a day full of nursing women through the birth of their babies.  I’ve found such comfort and relaxation by taking joy in the every-day-again amazing scene of the mountains.  It is difficult not to smile.  I dare you to come and try.

Josh had the opportunity to hike three different 14,000ft mountains this weekend with our friends Jeremy and Joanna.  (I worked, assured there would be more mountains to climb.)

Don’t be fooled by the long-sleeves and snow-capped mountains.  It is the altitude.  Back in Denver/Boulder, we’re experiencing a record-setting heat wave.  I was told that today marked a record 18 days stretch of 90 degree and above days.

Beyond the heat, we are enjoying the remaining weeks of summer.

We hosted our first house guests this week.  Our friend, Rich, and his dog, Lucy, occupied our extra bedroom during a stop in Colorado.  Next to Subarus, ski racks and overpriced property, dogs are a Colorado must-have.  We’ll remain out-of-staters on the first three but hope to expand our small family to include a dog.  Soon.

One final note.  My niece, Selah (who turned three this summer), phoned us with an important announcement.  She confided in us that she is going to be a big sister.

And that she intended to “nurse” the baby.  She has an exciting year ahead.  And we’re thrilled to become an aunt and uncle again.


2 Responses to “”

  1. schmanda said

    congratulations, Amy and Chris! (and Selah!) =)

  2. bruster said

    sweet! Likewise, tell your fam I say congrats!

    I look forward a sort of “every-day-again” when I get back to Erie, but also to more unsettled-ness and travelling as I tell people about my new job. I am a little happy and trepidatious about them both…

    and I do hope to visit y’all sometime… maybe this fall when some other friends may visit the Parks. Stay cool! =)

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