July 24, 2008

I just need to take a moment and post this picture that brings a smile to my face:

So much so that I overcame that tackiness of it all and I have it displayed in our kitchen.

We’re living a slow and gentle life. Leaving the windows open, going on walks and listening to our favorite music. We’re bringing our books out of boxes slowly and with their familiar covers and worn pages comes the comfort of home.

Saying short prayers and enjoying the quiet.

I started work on the OB unit this week. Monday I walked off the floor absolutely exhausted, wearing blue scrubs splattered with blood and a smile that I couldn’t suppress. My orientation nurse and I coached two moms and delivered two babies and I’m enjoying it more than even I had expected.

Such small graces from a good God who gives perfect gifts.

We’re slowly catching up with friends that we miss immensely. Listening to their stories and longing to see their sweet faces.


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