June 20, 2008

The festivities here in Cuzco have become more frequent and extravagant.  The past few days there have been dance competitions/parades in the Plaza de Armas.  Yesterday afternoon it was so crowded that it was nearly impossible to actually see the dancing.

So we walked a few blocks to our favorite restaurant here…Jack’s.  It is the only place we’ve found that serves fresh vegetables that are safe to eat.  (Side note: one of the other volunteers was stomach-sick this week and spent 2 days in the hospital.)  Yesterday was our second meal at Jack’s and, not surprisingly, our second time eating vegetables. It was glorious.

However, our savored lunch had nothing on the extraordinary dinner Josh and several other volunteers “enjoyed” last night.  Thursday night Cuy night. (warning: pictures of cooked guinea-pig are graphic).

the menu:

the Cuy:

I submit that it is no coincidence that I began feeling ill during the dinner (and I only watched!).  Last night I had a fever over 101degrees that lasted into the morning.  I stayed in bed until nearly noon feeling awful but my fever broke and I’m feeling relatively better.  I’m hoping this passes before we fly out on Monday.

Today was Josh’s last day at his after-school program.  The kids gave him a sweet card and sang songs for him, too.  Josh says it’s difficult to leave such cute kids.

Luckily, Josh’s rash (allergic reaction to mosquito bites) has almost completely cleared up.  Thanks for your well-wishes!  We have just a couple of more activities this weekend before we leave.  Tomorrow we have an “official” city tour during which we will visit Sacsayhuaman (sexy woman) ruins and in the evening there are fireworks in the Plaza.  Sunday we’re washing clothes, repacking and visiting a couple of other sites we’ve missed along the way.


3 Responses to “”

  1. Lynnster said

    Amber and Josh,

    I think I’d be feeling ill too after looking at that guinea pig picture! I’ve been thinking about you two!

  2. Matt said

    We continue to pray for you and for the work you are doing. Did the Cuy taste like chicken or something else..? God bless you at your next destination. Thanks for your continual updates that make a hot Ohio workday more enjoyable.

  3. Amber said

    Hey Matt!! We miss you! Josh says the Cuy tasted “distinct” which I take to mean “a lot like rodent”. He says you should try it if you ever get a chance!

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