June 6, 2008

Some new pictures:

(Josh on the porch at the Casa Baja language school)

(Taxi ride)

(Plaza de San Blas)

(music store with Beth and Aldrich)

(Our front door, Josh hailing taxi)

Today we walked to several other schools to give more vaccines. This time, much to my dismay, the kids weren’t nearly as excited. Whatever marketing strategy they are using for the first school needs to be put into place city-wide. (“Hepatitis B Vaccine- Like Candy in your arm!”) Today’s group was a bit younger and most of them cried. A few had to be held down by several adults. It was traumatic for both the children and me.

(the walk to the grade school in San Martin, 4th pictures is of wild hogs eating trash from polluted river)

The Peruvian girls wearing teal are nurses. Teal is the national uniform for all nurses. The ones in white are “techs” or nurse’s aids. The nurse in the 3rd picture and I gave the vaccines. The boy in the 4th picture was traumatized. It was a difficult day.

(leaving the school, the kids waving goodbye)

(the San Jeronimo Clinic)

(school cafeteria)


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  1. schmanda said

    um…..have you read joel and krista’s blog recently? you could be in for a REAL adventure in Costa Rica….

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