June 2, 2008

Hello from Cuzco, Peru!  We had a fairly uneventful trip from Denver, through Miami, an overnight in Lima, Peru and today on to Cuzco.  The flight from Lima to Cuzco takes 1 hour but driving would take 24 hours due to the rough terrain and mountains.

Cuzco is more beautiful than I envisioned.  It has tiny cobblestone streets, crowded buildings and beautiful people.  Our host ¨mom¨ was at the airport waving our names on a sign and offering kisses on our arrival.  She speaks extremely limited English but has already been very helpful.  They have a very nice little 3rd story apartment and we have our own bedoomfor the next 3 weeks.

The mountains here are amazing.  Surprisingly, Cuzco is at 10,000ft elevation.  The air is thin and the sun is bright.  Today we were thrown right into it all…navigating the city, hailing taxis, speaking Spanish, finding our way.  It´s a bit overwhelming.  Josh had an orientation to the afterschool program he´s working with.  Tomorrow will be my first day at the clinic.

Our Spanish is already improved.  Although Josh still has some amusing mistakes.  Just a moment ago our host mom and one of the younger daughters was leaving the house and the daughter walked back into the house to retrieve something. Josh excitedly greets her by saying ¨¡Su espalda!¨.  Which is a sweet attempt…but literally translates ¨Your spine!¨ and not ¨You´re back!¨  I´m sure we will be amusing to this sweet family. 

I wish I could share pictures with you now.  Hopefully soon.  The family luckily has internet access, however their keyboard letters have worn off. ( So I´m typing blindly on a Spanish keyboard.)

Thank you all for your prayers!  Keep them coming.



2 Responses to “”

  1. schmanda said

    hilarious. josh, i feel for you. i’m sure my Russian is similarly amusing.

  2. bruster said

    thanx for the updates, and I’m so glad you have internet in Peru!

    I just got to North Dakota tonight, and found out my teaching assignment got changed… to what I wanted to do in the first place! awesome!

    you have my prayers, and I love y’all. =)

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