May 29, 2008

We’re back in Colorado for the few days we have before flying to Peru.  Monday we left Great Falls, Montana and made the very long, very rainy trek back to Denver.  790miles.  Rain and flash flooding the entire drive. We made it.

It was very strange to come back from such a long trip and still have no home to return to.  Josh and I have both commented that most parts of this adventure don’t seem real until we are right upon them.  It’s easy to forget you don’t have a home until you’re ready to retreat.  We told Jeremy and Joanna that their apartment is the closest thing we have to a home.  They are becoming family.

So we’re back in Denver planning, resting and praying.  Tuesday we were able to do one of the Denver-based accomplishments on my to-do list.  We ran in the Red Rocks amphitheater.  Every one of the 54-ish levels back and forth.  Which by my estimate adds up to just over two miles.

The view is fantastic.  The air is thin.  It was my first run in nearly a month.

The next day we went back to do a little hiking.

It is simply a relief to sleep in the same spot for more than one night.  And Denver isn’t a bad option, either.

Today I had my first official interview and we’re seeing an apartment this afternoon.  Things are coming together.  By God’s grace.  Alone.

Sunday we board our flight for Peru and won’t be back in the United States until mid-July.  That, too, will become a reality when we’ve arrived.  I’ve come to realize that this lifestyle is best lived moment-by-moment.  Each one given acknowledgment.   And then surprised by the next.


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