May 25, 2008

Because this is what you do in Great Falls, Montana when they are in the midst of a deluge.

Watch tv in Jon’s kitchen because you can’t figure out how to use the one in the living room.

Give a terrifically embarrassing attempt at Guitar Hero in the middle of a store.

Buy your husband steak. Because he eats it only twice a year. And we’re in Montana. And he’s been eating sandwiches out of the cooler in the back of our Honda for 90% of the past 2 weeks.

…And enjoy Jon’s hot tub between episodes of Arrested Development.

Thankful for the rain.


5 Responses to “”

  1. schmanda said

    let me just say that i am so inspired by Josh’s guitar hero face that it makes me want to make up my very own right here in my living room and take a picture just because i can.

  2. Sandi said

    How wonderful… your pictures are worthy of a book and I would greatly encourage you to enter some in photo contests. I am so proud of you two for embracing your love of travel and ambition to keep truckin. Don’t have babies for some time… the more I know you two the more I believe you two need to do this type of stuff for a good couple more years before settling down and unfortunately no matter how hard you try babies still need some level of settling. Well, I digress. I’m glad you are having so much fun. Be safe!!!! We love you! Girls say hi. Kisses to you and Jason!

  3. Amber said

    Schmanda- GO FOR IT! And send pics:)

    Sandi- We’re laughing…and missing you.

  4. JonBlack said

    Guess what… it’s sunny in Great Falls and I finally mowed the lawn today. I found the post card and the extra photos on my camera… thanks guys! My day off actually felt like a mini-vacation instead of just a brief lull in the suck that the break between back-to-back alerts normally feels like. I’m glad you enjoyed me and my hot tub. I just wish you could have enjoyed Montana the way I’ve enjoyed it. Ah well… you’ll get another opportunity.

  5. christine said

    Hi Amber and Jason,
    I can’t believe I somehow missed the “Who Pooped in the Park?” book comment. The kids have been waiting on the front porch for the UPS man to deliver it pronto!

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