May 24, 2008

Since we last corresponded:

Josh, Huster and I enjoyed a movie at the Kennedy School (Portland, Oregon).  They converted the auditorium of the school into a movie theater by lining up comfortable, worn leather couches and end tables up in rows and hanging a large screen in front of the stage.  It was funky.  And nice evening to relax.

That evening Josh and I dropped Huster off at the Portland airport, gave him a hearty GOODBYE and sent him on his merry way back to the east coast. See ya!

And then we made our way to Centralia, Washington to stay in an old railroad saloon converted into a bar/restaurant/hotel/hostel.  Olympic Club Hotel.  It was classic and had character.

Thursday morning we drove BACK through Seattle to make one last stop at Pike Place Market!  Fresh seafood, bubble tea and Piroshky’s Rhubarb pastries!!  We couldn’t resist!

In the afternoon we drove from Seattle to Spokane, Washington.  Spokane is not my favorite city.  We camped there one night and moved on.

When we woke up Friday morning we were set to make the drive from Spokane to Great Falls, Montana to stay with my good friend Jon Black.  We were on the road nearly 20minutes when we realized that Friday was the 23rd…not the 24th.  This happens when you travel.  No concept of dates, days and schedules.  This meant we had a whole 24 hours free to do as we pleased.

We looked over the maps and decided to make the drive slightly north to Glacier National Park in Montana.  The drive there was beautiful but we arrived to find much of the park still over snow cover (and therefore closed) and the general area under flood advisories.  We passed entire campgrounds submersed in water.  We were able to take the main road through the park 16 miles in before the road closed.  It was mainly rainy, cloudy and flooded but we did get a pretty good idea of how beautiful the park must be at peak.

So there we were, Friday night, no plans for where to camp or sleep for the night, in a cold, wet National Park.   Our first choice hostel was closed, and the second was sub-par.  We lucked out by convincing a tiny motel to give us a room half price if we only slept in one of the two beds in the room.  No problem!

So we enjoyed a warm night of free wifi, television and mirowaved mac and cheese.

This morning (the REAL 24th) we drove down to Great Falls, Montana to see Jon Black!

It’s still raining and cold but we’re enjoying Jon’s company.  And warm house.


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