May 21, 2008

Our last day at Cannon Beach, Oregon, was enjoyable. Besides the San Juan Islands, the Pacific coastline has been my favorite to explore. There’s something about the ocean.

We found a welcoming little coffee shop to spend a few hours in catching up on emailing, uploading pictures and reading.

Yesterday we drove into Portland and, predictably, our first stop was Powell’s Books. Truly a “city of books”, 9 rooms, hundreds of thousands of new and used books to browse. It takes up an entire city block. The stars aligned. The universe was there to greet us.

From there we were graciously hosted in Vancouver, WA for the night by a family Huster knows through Wycliffe. Our first night in a home in 12 or so days. They fed us a delicious dinner (and dessert!), provided great company and gifted us with a warm bed and shower. We were blessed.

This morning we explored the Traditional Chinese Garden of Portland.

And, as the weather has turned cool and rainy, we headed to a local microbrewery. Portland is the “Microbrewery Capital of the World”. Which led us here to McMenamins Kennedy School. An old school converted to hotel/movie theatre/restaurant/coffee shop/brewery.  It looks remarkably like my old middle school, only in their restrooms they play loud 70’s music and offer organic hand soap.  And their teacher’s lounge has a “soaking pool”.

I’ve been asked if I am becoming travel-weary, yet. Travel-weary is not an option this early in the ventures. Next week we will launder clothing, repack, pray and leave for Peru. And then Costa Rica.

I’ve been asked if we have jobs lined up. (No.) Do we have a place to live? (No.)

Uncertainty. It’s amazing to me how much I can handle as long as I know Who is certain.

For now we are seeing ourselves far and wide. Coming and going and becoming strong. These days seem to be showing me so much more than I anticipate. More than I imagine I can handle. I am discovering and becoming even in the moments I try hard to stay the same.

Fitting all of our unlovely, unkempt, blundering parts into our puzzle is a challenge of the most ambitious variety.

I want health and healing and holding close. I want treasures. I want similar souls. I want passionate yesses. I want to be blown away. I want to trust. I want calm gladness and prayers and deep talks. True breaths.

We are on our way. Leaving and arriving.


3 Responses to “”

  1. christine said

    You’re amazing…I love reading about the places you’ve been and where you are going. You are both missed much.

  2. schmanda said

    yay for karate chopping banzai trees.

  3. Stranzin said

    Josh has had those sandals forever!!

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