May 15, 2008

Hello from San Juan Island! (yes, they, too have free wifi. at the campground.)

Today we began our Seattle ventures with a stop at Pike Place Market! The famous one. It was as impressive as its reputation. Flying fish, delicious food samples, the ORIGINAL Starbucks, a Russian bakery (in honor of Amanda!) and FRESH sushi!

We did make a short stop at the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) but didn’t stay long.

From there we went to Seattle Center where the Space Needle is located. We stopped by the Sci-Fi Museum for Josh and Huster to catch up on their nerding.

And finally, we ate at the most amazing vegan thai buffet.

I know it sounds like we did Seattle in a rushed fashion. We did. But we’re anxious to hike and kayak so this evening we took the ferry from Anacortez to San Juan. The ride was slow and scenic. And having your car on a boat is always exciting.

And now we’ve set up camp on an island that is roughly 7 miles across, very green and ripe for adventure. Tomorrow.


2 Responses to “”

  1. schmanda said

    see you flickr for more of my specific comments on photos. i do however, want to say that i am so glad that you thought of us in your Seattle trip. russian bakery and SAM. sweet.

  2. Sandi said

    We love the postcards! Sounds like you guys are have fun! Very Envious! Mexico was interesting but not great. Took down a bug and spent most of the week battling it, each of us had our bad days minus Elise. I got the distinct pleasure of sleeping with Kendal so it wasn’t a restful week either. Oh how kids change everything! MISS YOU! Be safe!

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